Mono no aware” – an empathy toward things

I’ ve been drawing since I can remember. I draw since I recognize myself as a person and it has always been part of me.

And if at first the canvas were the walls, the floor, the beach sand then came the fascination for the blank paper where everything could be born from scratch.

Since always, to me, the creative process seemed something of external origin, something that came to me with a will of its own. Evolves and through my hands becomes a drawing.

I have multiple sources of inspiration. Music and literature are always a good starting point, furthermore nature, flowers, wind … the sea.

Japan is an old passion.When I was twelve years old it only took a book and a small pair of slippers brought from the land of the rising sun and offered with love … the rest are legends, kois, samurais, dragons and blooming sakuras with their delicate and ephemera beauty. “Mono no aware” an empathy toward things which translates into drawings…