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A compilation of my illustrations from the “Turning Japanese” and “Japan in my dreams” collections. I also added other illustrations that invoke the same spirit and some never published drawings.
Size: 20X30cm
Number of Pages: 92
The first 10 purchases will also receive an unpublished drawing print which will not be sold anywhere else. ( you can see the print in the last photo off the book images)
Fine Art Digigraph Print reproduced on fine Art Paper of 270gr and printed with carbon pigment inks.
Size of the print: 14,8×21 cm.

“Turning Japanese” refers to Japan in a very traditional way, depicting samurais, cherry trees and dragon illustrations, wich are very detailed and include a consistent use of colours.
“Throughout the process there are more complex and simpler pieces. Some are very dense with black backgrounds where I play with shadow and light and others with minimal color (black and white and a contrasting color, red) for maximum emotional impact and to let the lines speak for themselves, almost resembling tattoos, but always with a common theme that connects them all.”


  • Where did the inspiration for this series of illustrations come from?
    “Japan is an old passion! This collection is almost like a continuous dream, always under construction. Some pieces start with a sound, a story, a poem, a feeling … For example “Madame Butterfly” began with Puccini’s Opera (Madame Butterfly). “Yanone” with the story of Tomoe Gozen, a female samurai warrior (onna bugeisha) … “Cherry Blossom” with a poem, “Black Koi” with a simple word “Courage”… Other pieces come to mind with a well-defined visual image.”